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Recipient of the Audubon Medal

Author of the National Bestseller Last Child in the Woods

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Vitamin N by Richard Louv

Vitamin N

New, April 2016! Available Now!

“Louv proclaims the many advantages of reconnecting with nature, both for children and adults, in an insightful and practical guide chock full of inspirational advice. . . . Issuing an imperative that everyone should heed, this important new book provides the tools to reclaim the wonders and health benefits of nature.”
—Publishers Weekly, starred review

Vitamin N is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, and practical guidebook for the whole family and the wider community, including tips not only for parents eager to share nature with their kids but also for those seeking nature-smart schools, medical professionals, and even careers. It is a dose of pure inspiration, reminding us that looking up at the stars or taking a walk in the woods is as exhilarating as it is essential, at any age.

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The Nature Principle

The Nature Principle

“Louv‘s vital, inclusive, and inspiring call to better our lives by celebrating and protecting the living world marks the way to profound personal and cultural transformation.”
Booklist, starred review

The Nature Principle, by Richard Louv - now in paperback

Now in Paperback!
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In his bestselling book Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv sparked a national debate that spawned an international movement to reconnect kids and nature. He coined the term nature-deficit disorder; influenced national policy; and helped inspire campaigns in over eighty cities, states, and provinces throughout North America. In The Nature Principle, Louv delivers another powerful call to action—this time for adults.

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Last Child in the Woods

Last Child in the Woods

“The simplest, most profound, and most helpful of any book I have read on the personal and historical situation of our children, and ourselves, as we move into the twenty-first century.”
—Thomas Berry, author of Dream of the Earth

The new edition of Last Child in the Woods reflects the enormous changes that have taken place since the book was published. It includes: 100 actions you can take to create change in your community, school, and family; 35 discussion points to inspire people of all ages to talk about the importance of nature in their lives; a progress report by the author about the growing Leave No Child Inside movement; and new and updated research confirming that direct exposure to nature is essential for the physical and emotional health of children and adults.

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Other Books by Richard Louv

Richard is also the author of six other books: America II (Penguin, 1983), about the rise of the new urban form and reinvented communities. Childhood's Future (Anchor Books, 1993), described by The New York Times as "a passionate call for rebuilding community and family life." The book was the subject of a Bill Moyers PBS program. 101 Things You Can Do for Our Children's Future (Anchor, 1994). Fatherlove (Pocket Books, 1994), about which Ann Pleshette Murphy, editor-in-chief of Parents magazine, wrote: "I cannot think of another book that has so passionately defined the role fathers must play in their children's lives." The Web of Life (Conari Press, 1996), which explores the connections of family and community, and was chosen by the American Booksellers Association as top choice for reading groups for 1997. And Fly-Fishing for Sharks: An American Journey (Simon & Schuster), which is about the cultures of fishing in America and our relationship with nature. Of it, Jim Lehrer of PBS says,"Here's a book about fishing that is for people who do not fish. . . . That's because its real subject is people, not fish.

The The Web of Life and Flyfishing for Sharks are both available in paperback.

The Web of Life

The Web of Life

The importance of connecting through memory and common humanity is the overriding theme that concerns Louv, a journalist and author (Childhood's Future), in this collection of thoughtful, persuasive essays. Because the family is the first community a child knows, the author believes that family stories handed down from one generation to the next are a unique gift that helps people put their lives in context. Louv describes the power of oral history in Native American life and expresses concern that an overload of information and lack of leisure prevent many of us from preserving our family memories. Louv also describes his efforts to connect his own children to nature by teaching them to fish and to become aware of their relationship to wildlife. Although not traditionally religious, Louv advocates cultivating a spiritual awareness to stay in touch and connect with a world outside the individual or the family.

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Fly-Fishing for Sharks

Fly-Fishing for Sharks

For three years, Richard Louv listened to America by going fishing. To explore the cultures of angling, he traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific and to the Gulf Coast, too; from bass waters north and south to fly-fishing waters east and west. He joined a professional bass tournament on Lake Erie and got a casting lesson from fly-fishing legend Joan Wulff in Colorado. He angled with corporate executives in Montana and stoic steelheaders in the Northwest. He went ice fishing on Michigan's Upper Peninsula and fly-fishing for sharks in California. In the Midwest, he fished with the host of the nation's longest-running television fishing program. He spent time with the captains of Florida, the poachers of the West, and the regulars who fish the Harlem and Hudson Rivers in New York City.

Fly-Fishing for Sharks is the delightful result of Richard Louv's journey, a portrait of America on the water, fishing rod in hand. From Whitefish Willy to Bass'n Gal's Sugar Ferris, the people Louv writes about are simply unforgettable.

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