Richard Louv

Recipient of the Audubon Medal

Author of the International Bestseller Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder

Blog Posts: 2022

A Conversation: Jane Goodall and Richard Louv

It was an honor to speak with Dr. Jane Goodall for an hour, at the international Children & Nature Network Conference. Some of the conversation will be available soon from the Children & Nature Network. Also, the Children & Nature Network announced a new partnership with Roots & Shoots USA, Dr. Goodall's youth program.

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Congratulations to Atiya Wells for Being Awarded the Inaugural Richard Louv Prize for Innovation in Nature Connection

From the Children & Nature Network: Congratulations to Atiya Wells, founder of the BLISS Meadows project, for being awarded the inaugural Richard Louv Prize for Innovation in Nature Connection. 

Growing up in an urban setting, like many African-Americans impacted by the history of segregation and other patterns of systemic racism, Atiya Wells did not have access to experiences that might have fostered a healthy, loving relationship with nature. At the age of 22, she went hiking for the first time and a whole new world opened up. 

Atiya then founded BLISS Meadows in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, to inspire and connect Black, Indigenous, and People of Color back to nature. The 10-acre land reclamation project provides opportunities for children and their families to get to know their ecosystem, to reframe and reclaim the history of their ancestors’ relationship to land and food and to contribute to a sustainable community resource right in their neighborhood. The award was created by the Children & Nature Network, and named for its co-founder.

       "I've been thinking if I deserve to be standing here...and I do!" — Atiya Wells

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Children & Nature Network announces the Louv Prize for Innovation in Nature Connection


The Richard Louv Prize for Innovation in Nature Connection is open to any individual doing exemplary work to advance equitable access to nature in their community or region. The Richard Louv Prize recognizes innovative strategies for creating regular access to the benefits of nature everywhere children live, learn and play.

We believe equitable access to nature is achieved when systemic barriers to nature are removed and all members of a community — regardless of race, income, ability, identity or address — have regular opportunities to spend time in healthy outdoor spaces that are nearby, safe, welcoming and culturally relevant.

The Children & Nature Network created The Richard Louv Prize to honor the visionary leadership and contributions of its co-founder and Chair Emeritus, Richard Louv.  His books have been translated and published in 24 countries, and his landmark book, Last Child in the Woods, helped launch an international movement to connect children, families and communities to nature.


CLICK HERE for more Information about the Nomination Process

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