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Imagine a World

The full text of this essay is in the paperback edition of "The Nature Principle"

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How refreshing! I am British, 45, year old mother of 3 grown girls, currently studying for my M.ED at Marymount in Virginia. The focus and emphasis on incorporating all things digital into every subject from reading to art to science seems a slippery path. I wonder what the physical and mental side -effects will be on my grand children and great grand children.

I thought you would LOVE this posting in The Onion. 
Let the children play - and let them play outside!!!,248/?ref=auto

I can absolutely imagine this.  I have this very dream for my 2 girls under 3 years old.  There is wonder in them for everything they see at this stage of life.  I wish I could remember when I lost that, so that I could help them maintain it through life.

We can get there!

Thanks for this article Richard, it’s very nice to hear this kind of positive words nowadays, in a world of technology which is consuming our lives more and more.

If I will have my own kids soon, I will definitely expose them to the nature. I will let them explore how beautiful the world is. I’m gonna teach them how to care the nature which they can share it to their fellow children.

Love those words. I have a 3 year old that i am constantly inculcating the right values to him. Learn to love, share and care.

To see that someone can see and feel how sustaining nature is to mind and body than all is not lost. There for all softly calling, welcoming,healing and quieting peacefully the very inner soul. Nature is… never ending… boundless wonder!

This world exists, it is only necessary that we pay attention to it before it disappears. The speed of things nowadays has taken away the ability to teach this to our children. It is up to us to reverse this picture, and I do not mean the world, but each one in his house, with his children, nephews and brothers.

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